Can spinal decompression make pain worse?

About 40% of patients will experience significant relief within 2 to 3 weeks. The remaining 20% will receive significant relief between 4 and 6 weeks. Less than 20% will experience no relief or minimal relief. Very rarely does the patient get worse.

It is very rare for a patient to experience pain during spinal decompression therapy. However, you will feel the stretching of your spine. Due to the gentle nature of spinal decompression therapy, most patients experience no pain during a session and it is not uncommon for patients to fall asleep while on the traction table. To tell you the truth, some people say they felt better almost immediately after.

Many people take 4 to 6 treatments before they feel substantial pain relief. Like any other procedure, spinal decompression therapy comes with its own set of risk factors despite being a minimally invasive procedure. Spinal decompression also promotes increased blood flow to the spinal discs, stimulating the flow of nutrient-rich and oxygen-rich fluids inside, where they promote cell renewal, tissue repair, and long-term healing. For those who suffer from neck pain due to damaged discs, spinal stenosis, or other problems, spinal decompression is also usually effective in this area.

You shouldn't wait until you can't move and get hooked on pain relievers, because spinal decompression is a gentle solution that has been proven to work. But people need more information, so unless we've had spinal treatments, we need to rely on the views of other customers when talking to new customers. Because the computer system continuously monitors the resistance of the spine, as well as any involuntary “protective” responses your body may have, it can adjust the force as needed to keep you relaxed and help prevent muscle spasms. Otherwise, there are no known cases of adverse effects or damage caused by the decompression machine.

In spinal decompression, the muscles stretch in a direction of elongation that the body is not used to. Non-surgical decompression involves a special table and a traction machine that gently stretches the spine, releasing pressure on the nerves. We offer specialized treatment plans for spinal pain in the Broomfield community that can help you understand where your symptoms come from and what will be needed to improve them. In simple terms, it would be safe to say that spinal decompression therapy is a safe and effective alternative to surgical decompression for relieving back pain.

In addition to sessions, the Spinal Decompression Therapy Program involves guiding the patient through many other ways to facilitate pain loss, helping the patient cover the path to a pain-free life much faster. Surgical decompression is the last resort to treat pain caused by certain conditions, such as bone growths in the pine tree and severely broken discs. If you've lived with persistent neck, back, or sciatic nerve pain caused by herniated or degenerative spinal discs, you don't have to take medication or resort to surgery to find lasting relief.